Questions & Answers

• Why build a new home with Wannemacher Design/Build?

Wannemacher Design/Build offers complete Architectural Design and is a true custom home builder. Every home is designed specific to the needs and specifications requested by the homeowner. With both the design and supervision in the hands of a single contact there is a single point of responsibility for the design of the home, quality control, change orders and scheduling. Your new home or remodeling project will be completed to your specifications incorporating the requested amenities and custom design necessary for your total comfort and satisfaction.

• Is Wannemacher Design Build an approved builder in all developments?

Wannemacher Design/Build is a member of the Home Builders Association of Fort Wayne and is an approved home builder in almost every community in Allen County and the surrounding counties of Northeast Indiana.

• Can Wannemacher Design Build construct a home on a Metes and Bounds or Lake property?

Wannemacher Design/Build specializes in building on your private land. It is imperative to walk the property first before designing the plans. A custom built home should always be designed around the views and natural features that the property offers.

• What type of warranty does Wannemacher Design Build include with the purchase of their new homes?

Wannemacher Design/Build includes a One Year Written Warranty with the sale of every home. Within the first 12 months following the closing date, Wannemacher Design/Build will repair, replace or adjust any defects such as sticking doors, drawers or windows, dripping faucets or other malfunctions. Any electrical, plumbing or heating defects will also be repaired. Wannemacher Design/Build also includes a drywall & paint touchup/repair after one year to correct any minor drywall and paint defects that may have occurred within the first 12 months of occupying the home. (See builder for details)

• Can I hire Wannemacher Design/Build to only design my dream home plans for me?

Yes. Wannemacher Design/Build will work with you direct to design your custom plans for your future dream home. If you decide to hire Wannemacher Design/Build to manage the construction of your new home the cost of the preliminary architectural design is reimbursed to the homeowner during the building process.

• I already have plans drawn by another architect. Can Wannemacher Design/Build construct a home from these plans?

Yes. Wannemacher Design/Build will build off your existing set of plans. Wannemacher Design/Build will not work off of another builder’s plans or copyrighted plans by another designer.

• What does the term “allowance” mean in new home construction and how does it work?

The term “allowance” is a pre-determined dollar amount budgeted into the cost of the home for appliances, cabinets, flooring, plumbing and light fixtures. Because every client’s tastes are different there is no way to assign an exact cost associated with these items until the client makes his/her final selections. Therefore it is imperative for Wannemacher Design/ Build to get an in-depth understanding of the levels of quality and materials going into the home so that an accurate allowance can be assigned. This will help to minimize changes orders during construction and will be a smoother and more enjoyable process for everyone involved.

• How do I get started?

Contact Wannemacher Design/Build to schedule a free initial design consultation today. During this initial meeting Ryan will gather information from you based on the style of home that you are looking for, the size of the home, requested amenities and a price budget point. With this information provided Ryan can provide a preliminary design that suites your needs and hits the price point that you are looking to spend on your new home.

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